Dr. Ernst J. Postema

Our Consultant


Dr. Postema is a nuclear medicine physician with two decades of clinical experience, both in the Netherlands and in Canada. His areas of expertise are radioisotope treatments of cancer and the investigation of novel PET tracers in oncology. He has served on several expert panels, in particular in the fields of radioimmunotherapy of lymphoma and the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours.



Dr. Postema’s research focus has been on phase I, II, and III trials of novel radiopharmaceuticals in oncology, either for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. He has written multiple scientific papers and has held numerous presentations. He was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Oncology of the University of Alberta. He has served on the editorial board of a renowned medical journal in his field and currently continues to do so.



Our consultant is a certified physician who has served on Internal Review Boards both in Canada and the Netherlands. He has also chaired ethics boards in both countries. Not only has he reviewed numerous research protocols, he also has hands-on experience in the preregistration phase of new radiopharmaceuticals; having submitted necessary documentation to national and federal agencies. Dr. Postema is also formally certified to design preclinical studies. With respect to radiation safety, he is qualified in several jurisdictions.



2015   Postgraduate Certificate in Health Services Management, University of Plymouth

2004   PhD, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen

2003   Registration as a nuclear medicine physician

1996   Medical degree, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam